December 14, 2014

Rewriting Project #1: Sherlock 02x01

"Just the one," Mycroft handed his brother a cigarette.
They both had rushed to the morgue, in where they were now, right after Sherlock received a very special Christmas present from The Woman. John was not there, he was at the Baker Street with his new girlfriend, but Molly was. She didn't bother to go to work in the Christmas Eve. She'd just had enough of Christmas.
"Why?" Sherlock questioned his brother's odd act.
"Merry Christmas."

"How did you know she was dead?" Mycroft Holmes asked his brother about the thing that had bothered him since he got the phone call.
"She had an item in her possession," Sherlock explained. "one she said her life depended on. She chose to give it up."
"Where is this item now?" Mycroft asked. As if he barely knew his brother.

"Look at them," Sherlock said instead.
In another room, a family hugged each other and cried deeply in the sorrow. A doctor stood in front of them, who, most probably, was the one who delivered the bad news to them.
"They all care so much." He paused. "Do you ever wonder if there's something wrong with us?"
"All lives end, all hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock." He gave his brother a glance to emphasize his last sentence.

"This is low tar," Sherlock said in disguise. Trying to escape from his brother's words.
"Well, you barely knew her."
There was no way he would talk about this any further. Not with Mycroft, not with anyone. Sherlock walked away and left his brother alone in the hall. "Merry Christmas, Mycroft."

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December 06, 2014

The Little Prince p. 74

"Who are you?" he asked in amazement.
"We are roses," said the roses.
"Oh!" exclaimed the little prince.
And he was suddenly overcome with sadness. His flower had told him that she was the only one of her kind in the universe. And here were five thousands of them, all alike, in one single garden! [...]
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And he said to himself once again: "I thought I was rich, with a flower unique in the world, whereas in fact all I had was a common rose." [...]
And, lying in the grass, he cried.

Saint-Exupéry, A. 1995. The Little Prince. London: Wordsworth Edition Limited.

This draft was originally written in January, 2012.

June 19, 2014


Gue punya surat rujukan pemeriksaan ultrasonography tertanggal hari ini, 19 Juni. Surat seharga 260.000,- plus bonus grepe-grepe dari si dokter. Bukan, USG bukan buat periksa kehamilan doang.

Seharusnya detik ini gue lagi ada di salah satu rumah sakit tua di Bandung, sama seperti tanggal 10 kemarin. Gue sering bolak-balik ke rumah sakit di Jakarta, but they don't smell like an hospital. Nah, yang di Bandung ini, baunya bau rumah sakit. Baru masuk aja rasanya udah mau nangis.

Waktu itu gue dianter Intan. Intan tau gue mules-mules senewen pas masuk ruang periksa. Intan tau dokternya bilang apa. Hopefully she knows, too, how thankful I am for being her friend.

If you wonder why I'm, today, still hiding under my blanket and waiting for my Dota update finish instead of checking my health up, well, since three members of my big family got this abnormal cell growth, kemungkinan gue bersih sangat kecil.

Terlepas dari sakit atau enggak, gue bersyukur bisa dapet "warning" ini. Seorang teman cerita kalo dia sedemikian penginnya kurus, sampai-sampai tiap malam nangis ngeliatin fotonya Cara Delevingne. (Do me favor, gimme that "puhleeease" face). I, too, cried at night, tapi untuk sehat. Untuk normal tanpa punya chance 4x lipat lebih banyak untuk kena penyakit ini.

Biasanya setiap di Jakarta gue selalu sibuk ke SpKK buat benerin rambut yang rontok melulu, sekarang gue bersyukur masih punya rambut *tertawa pedih*

Mari saling mendoakan. Gue masih mau sehat, mau liat Raka dipanggil Dr. Raka. Mau belajar masak yang enak untuk Jujus (well, that's going to take a looong time). Mau liat anak-anaknya Santa, Intan, Jundi panggil gue Onty Ange. Mau ngajak jalan-jalan Mamak Aya pake uang sendiri, mau doain mereka sehat & bahagia terus. Mau bantuin bayar S2-nya Dinda.

Udah ah, sedih. Bye.

Oh, dan harusnya di tanggal 19 ini gue daftar sidang. Tapi, gara-gara Medusa... ah sudahlah.

February 14, 2014

Frank & Frank

Meet my favourite Franks!

The man who introduced Sinatra to me was the man who introduced Chelsea as well.

He loved to hum Sinatra's songs. He always loved to hum, especially in the shower. When his cassettes aged and no longer sounded the way it should, my mother decided to buy him CDs and I lent him my CD player. Mama bought him Sinatra's My Way album and Matt Monroe's Born Free greatest hits. He loved them, of course. So did I.

When we watched football matches, he wasn't the one who yelled 'keep the blue flag flying high'. He was the rival instead. Strangely, though I adored him beyond everything, I wasn't affected to be in love with his favourite team. I found the blue one was more attractive, especially their co-captain.

Frank & Frank are legends. So are you, Eyang.

February 07, 2014

Note to Self?

Here, here, I give you the largest image so you can see how your face would look like if you kept those ugly thoughts inside.

"You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts ... you will always look lovely."

Mr. Roald Dahl, everyone.