Friday, July 10, 2015

Kepada Garpu Perak

I wonder how they can be so tough,
being around you but not in love.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Curhatan si Tukang Terjemah

"If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing. "
- Mark Sloan, Grey's Anatomy

Kemarin ketiga kalinya gue nerjemahin TV series yang menghilangkan kalimat "I love you" karena penutur dan petuturnya adalah pasangan homoseksual. Sensor-menyensor terkait pasangan LGB never fails to piss me off. Picture this: lo lagi makan beef burger yang superenak dan tiba-tiba lo gigit pickles yang ketutupan beef. Blar! Rusak selera makan lo. (Gue sih, enggak. Gue suka pickles. Gue suka semua makanan. Tapi kurang lebih gitu rasanya saat dengar "I love you" yang disensor cuma karena penuturnya kaum minoritas).

Nggak cuma "I love you", frasa "our child" atau "our family" yang antesedennya pasangan homoseksual juga disensor. Gue paham tujuan dari penyensoran itu adalah untuk menyesuaikan dengan budaya kita, I'm not saying that it's wrong. It just cracks my heart a little to see love declaration count as something inappropriate.

Grey's Anatomy S9 Ep. 02.

Karena, Para Pembaca yang Budiman, nobody can choose whom they want to fall in love with. You just fall. Kalo sayang sama orang bisa pilih-pilih, lo pasti akan milih orang yang udah pasti sayang sama lo, yang direstuin sama orang tua lo, you press the love button then boom! you fall for them. No risk taken.

Lo nggak akan milih jatuh cinta sama mereka yang berjenis kelamin sama, yang udah punya pasangan, yang 20 tahun lebih tua atau yang beda agama. Kalo sayang sama orang bisa milih, otak lo akan berkata, "Abort the mission to fall in love. He's indeed got that charm and an incredibly beautiful mind, but you both came from two different religions. Do not fall in love. Repeat, do not fall in love."

But, hey, love doesn't work that way.

The first thing you know, you've already fallen. Gue yakin the LGBs juga begitu, they just fall. Kita semua sama; mestinya nggak ada sayang yang dianggap inappropriate.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

F C Dm7 C

Jakarta, almost two.
Fifty one minutes away,
your voice
I'm craving for.

To me, with me or neither,
just sing.
And again.
"If I've been on your mind."

Monday, April 6, 2015

Quick updates dalam kurun waktu 3 bulan:
1. I know now that my mother is wrong; "Kalo kamu baik sama orang, orang akan baik sama kamu" nggak berlaku di dunia nyata.
2. Doyan bener apa-apa yang buy 1 get 1. Bahkan untuk jajan di Indomaret. Cari duit susah, cyin.
3. I've learned that perempuan di TransJakarta itu lebih barbar dari spesies mana pun.
4. I'm able to laugh at myself now. Feels sooo good.
5. Pada akhirnya, mau lo jelek atau mirip Dian Sastro, bodoh atau pintar, bokong lo bagus atau enggak, orang akan tetep ngomongin lo. Jadi, kalo lo weird dari sonoƱja, nggak perlu berubah. Even if you're the closest thing to define the word "perfect", somebody will judge you anyway.

Selamat tiga bulan menjadi so-called Editor, Rinintha.

Saturday, February 7, 2015


I finally typed using my laptop again after neglecting it for months; but not until the fourth word had been typed did I realize that I enjoyed the keyboard no more. The ugly, dirty one on the 5th floor was more comfortable than the one of my own, which had helped me through the bittersweet college life.

I feel bad.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Rewriting Project #1: Sherlock 02x01

"Just the one," Mycroft handed his brother a cigarette.
They both had rushed to the morgue, in where they were now, right after Sherlock received a very special Christmas present from The Woman. John was not there, he was at the Baker Street with his new girlfriend, but Molly was. She didn't bother to go to work in the Christmas Eve. She'd just had enough of Christmas.
"Why?" Sherlock questioned his brother's odd act.
"Merry Christmas."

"How did you know she was dead?" Mycroft Holmes asked his brother about the thing that had bothered him since he got the phone call.
"She had an item in her possession," Sherlock explained. "one she said her life depended on. She chose to give it up."
"Where is this item now?" Mycroft asked. As if he barely knew his brother.

"Look at them," Sherlock said instead.
In another room, a family hugged each other and cried deeply in the sorrow. A doctor stood in front of them, who, most probably, was the one who delivered the bad news to them.
"They all care so much." He paused. "Do you ever wonder if there's something wrong with us?"
"All lives end, all hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock." He gave his brother a glance to emphasize his last sentence.

"This is low tar," Sherlock said in disguise. Trying to escape from his brother's words.
"Well, you barely knew her."
There was no way he would talk about this any further. Not with Mycroft, not with anyone. Sherlock walked away and left his brother alone in the hall. "Merry Christmas, Mycroft."

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