Sunday, October 18, 2009

Si Gendut Kesayanganku

Tadi malem, di kamar gue, sekitar jam 1an.

Gue: (bacain notenya salman di fb) seseorang yang mencintaimu akan membiarkan kamu pergi jika kamu tidak bahagia bersamanya, dan ikut bahagia jika kamu bahagia bersama orang lain
Dinda: berarti si ***** nggak bener2 sayang lo dong?
Gue: kok gitu?
Dinda: dia nggak ngebiarin lo pergi padahal lo nggak bahagia sama dia
Gue: (agak mikir) hem. tapi dut, kalo orang yang gue sayang bisa jadi punya gue, gue juga nggak bakal rela dia pergi
Dinda: oh si itu? ya karna lo tau dia bahagia kalo sama lo

Dinda langsung tidur, sementara gue masih cengengesan di samping Bonbin.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

tak mungkin aku menceritakannya padamu karena aku tau kamu tak ingin aku begitu; copied.

Meet Bonbin!

hello readers, my name is Bonbin. a silly boy gave me as a gift at August 31st 2009, which is Anggie's 17th birthday. and now, I belong to her.

I came with a letter. I thought it was a birthday card, but when I saw Anggie read it, I knew it was an extra ordinary letter. she was giggling, crying, and laughing at the moment she read it.

an empty space beside her pillow is my place to sleep, and there's no doll beside her except me (Y) but sometimes she's crying in the middle of the night. I hate to see it! every time it happens, she holds my hand and tells me who did make her cry. then I said to her to stop crying cause it makes me hurt, but she never hears me. I'm yelling, and begging, but still she never listens.

I never see her cries again this week. I'm so happy to know it, but then I realize that there's the pain living in her eyes. she's just hurt too deep. maybe she can hide it from many people, but not from me.

I love her much, and I will always protect her like that silly boy does.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

With Tears and Broken Soul

seems like it wont last forever, not like what we used to dream
it flows not to the place we want
I'm sorry, but this is the best way for us

I tried and tried to let you know, I love you but I'm letting go
Maroon 5 - Nothing Last Forever

she's the one that you want
the name you say repeatedly in your dream, never be missed in your prayer,
is hers

though you said "I do not love her"
your eyes said "I really do"

what you see in her, you aint see in me
Keyshia Cole - Love

I love the way you make me laugh without saying a word
and your amazing way to understand my unspoken words
you treat me as a princess, and no one ever did it

and every moment spend with you is the moment I treasure
Aerosmith - I Dont Want to Miss a Thing

but if she can make you laugh louder,
make you more comfort and happier,
then I'll go
though with tears and broken soul

so I'll go, but I know I'll think of you every step of the way
Whitney Houston - I will Always Love You