Saturday, March 6, 2010

Panggil Aku "Kakak"

Dear Raka

I used to think that it would be very hard for me to accept you. Your coming, I thought, would ruin the life of mine; would steal everything that I never share, my parents, my house, my toys, my food, my doggy, everything.

But in fact, since you live inside my (or maybe 'our') mom, you've changed something that I can't. You repair it and make it seems new, flawless, without any defect.

Welcome to the family, Dear. I heart you :*

Kamis 4 Maret kemaren nyokap gue baru launching mainan baru, namanya Raka. Hihi dia adek gue, yang pertama dan terakhir, dan selisih umur kami 17 tahun :D