Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Putih Abu-Abu

It seems like just a day ago we met each other
with big uniforms, silly faces, and oh, that junior high school style.

But it's been three years. And that's the limit.
I knew the time would bring us to a moment like this. Yes, I did.
But I don't reckon it would run so fast.

Time do us part.
But it's the one that made us met, too.
So don't accuse it as the suspect that makes it over.
Cause it's just a silent-witness
that watched us laughed, sang, and did those silly things.
It knows everything we shared,
the jokes, the sorrow, and even the tears.
People may come and go, but not memories.
It'll stand still on my mind, until someday,
I will tell my children proudly that their mom had a great high school life.
You're the proof.

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