Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Stay hungry!"

I just registered myself into a classical guitar class again. YAY! Luckily, the tutor is still the one who gave me the lesson when I was a 10th grader. Today I met him in his classroom around 4 pm for chatting around. It had been four years since our last meeting. And fortunately, none of his students came today, so the meeting lasted for about two hours. (Sebenernya mah itu udah kayak les geratisan, mengingat tadi gue belajar beberapa lagu baru.)

It's a great pleasure to be back in that building again. It really is. Jangankan untuk belajar lagi, sitting around the receptionist desk and enjoying the sound of some instruments vaguely in the air already turn me on. Eh?

Eniwei, ini sepotek hasil 'reunian' gue dan Kak Banu tadi. Turn down the volume first!

When I See You Smile & I Will Fly
Kalo ada genjrengan & petikan yang salah, nah, itu gue! Masalah fals mah.. ehe ehe ehe :$

And the best part is, I paid the fee with my own saving. Emang berasa langsung super-kere-banget sih, apalagi liburan masih laaama dan paaanjang, but it's totally worth it. Even it motivates me to have a good job so I can pay more and more classes or buy myself some instruments with my own income.
"Stay hungry!"

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