Monday, July 28, 2014


I was on my way home when this thought struck my mind: I will die alone.

I grew up as a grumpy asshole. I'll gladly spit my words out on one's face when I don't like what they say or do. While, you know, some people just don't appreciate honesty.

Sometimes I think that it's in my blood. The anger. The hatred. I can be a warmhearted and loving person at one time, but mostly I'm an asshole who can kick a kid's butt just because his face annoys me. Sometimes I intentionally do something to hurt somebody. Suffer, get hurt. It doesn't entertain me, but I don't regret it either. Demon possesses me, rite?

I lost some friends. No, basically I just had a few human who I considered as friends, and now I lost some of them. Technically, I detached myself from them.

But, still, there are some who will never leave, or at least I hope-really, really hope-they won't.
You won't, will you?

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