Monday, March 27, 2017

When Life Pushes the Introvert out of Me

Sucks. Of course. I have to interact with hooman every. single. day.

My life has surprisingly been turned upside-down.
I was brutally kicked out of my comfort zone. But, hey, they say that's where life begins, right?

This is exactly what happens:
Shenpai's at

But according to the most optimistic woman alive, Mamak, there is always something you can absorb for your own good from every unfortunate event.

Meeting new people, getting involved in social events, being in a crowd, or anything related to a sea of hooman is a definite pain in the ass for me; and that's where life has been dragging me to.

It's not that the dreamer has become a realist, I'm keeping the job I love in the field I always passionate about, but life is life. There will come a time when you have to take a big leap and leave your comfort zone behind. Inarguably exhausting, but still fun. (Don't forget to always look for the fun part, unless you want to turn your life into slavery.)

But let's see from my mother's eyes. She would say that this is a chance to improve my social skill that was, and still is, and will always be, poor. And ultimately, she would say that I'm lucky to have this chance without leaving something I'm always keen on. So, yeah, let me keep seeing from those eyes and let the pessimist inside sleep peacefully for a moment.

A draft from November 2016.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

I don't get it why people
- think it's okay to take pictures of strangers without permission
[- and share it publicly
- and make fun of it]
- tend to consider those who want to understand their beliefs and/or political views as enemies
- don't understand that publicly sharing movie scenes is not acceptable
- get married. pfft.